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Do you know that every month, about 5 billion naira worth of SMS is sent in this country? Here is an opportunity to get your own share of the dice without stress. Before now, only a select few knew and have jealously guarded the secrets of how to set up a fully customizable and profitable sms portal with your own gateway. Now you too have the opportunity... To start as a reseller



Fully Customizable CMS Portal
This is not a reseller turnkey website. We will design for you a fully customized portal using your content, logo, pictures as well as any color and font combination you want. You can also choose the navigational structure and layout you desire. You have access to over 2 million design possibilities; we take time to design each site separately, so no two sms portals we design will look alike.

Your portal will be created and assigned to a unique gateway. i.e. your own mini gateway. You can load SMS units for a flat rate of 1.25kobo. The good thing about having a mini gateway is that there is no minimum quantity. EVEN IF YOU LOAD ONLY 10 UNITS, IT’S 1.25 KOBO!

PAYMENT PROCESS: We will also activate any payment processor you need. Your clients and resellers can load their accounts online:
Accept Inters witch Payments
Accept Credit Cards Payments
and scratch card (PIN) recharge options can also be integrated so you can sell your credits by voucher


The website will be designed using a content management system... meaning, you as the Admin of the portal will have access to a Content Management Portal where you can edit the site:
>Change pictures and logos
>Edit pages
>Change pictures
>Manage advertisements
>Manage users
>Create Recharge Vouchers
>Manage support
>...and other configurations.



You will have your own resellers who have access to API and developer links. It can support more than 10,000 resellers under you without gateway overload. You resellers can also resellers under them.

We will register a top level domain name like www.yourcompanyname.com for FREE

After designing the site, we will host it for you on an unlimited hosting space for FREE for THERE YEARS. This is worth N12, 000. But you will get it for free. You pay nothing for one year. Not 6 months, not even 10 months, but 1 Full Year Unlimited Web Hosting for FREE. We will give you full access to the panel. You can create unlimited email addresses eg This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.2


We will register the domain name, design the website, host it and hand it over to you in 2 Working Days after your order. It could be less. Our team is made up of professionals who work together round the clock to ensure that this dateline is met. So your website will be up and running in 2 Days time... so you can start making money right away


We don’t just setup sites and go. We will always be available for support in case you have any technical issue to be resolved. You will get everything (Design + Hosting (1 Year) + Domain Registration). Everything is set up and runs on autopilot. We have thought everything out and we will do everything for you.... the good thing is that you won’t have to pay anything for ON YEAR. Incredible!

Please Note this offer is for only the first 20 people to book

The site we will develop for you will have the the Members Portal (where your members will have access to the normal sms functionality to send sms, load voucher, buy sms, phonebook, etc) and an Administrative Portal where you (and any other person who decide) will have access to manage and maintain the site!

We can set a fully functional SMS Portal Like Ours for You and Integrate it with our gateway and send SMS for as low as N70 ,000




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